I’m Beth Baxter, Founder of The Blurb, and I want to help people like you get up and running with powerful marketing tools that can really help your business to grow.

I’ll start by giving away one of my most treasured pieces of marketing advice that is really simple to follow and should always remain front of mind. It has remained close to my heart ever since my earliest days in sales and marketing. I use it to reset my activity and ensure that I remain focussed on deliverables that will actually help to get me closer to my goals for the business.

In order to grow your business you should remain focussed on 2 key objectives:

  1. Increasing your visibility
  2. Building your credibility

Sounds so simple right? But so often in marketing we can get distracted away from productive work and instead tie up our time on non-essential administrative tasks. To think like a marketer, if you’re not achieving either of the two objectives above then the likelihood is that you’re wasting time and effort and won’t reach your growth objectives.

But who am I and why should you listen to me?

I’ve been in sales and marketing for over 24 years, starting in sales and working my way up to become Sales Director of a marketing agency when I was 24. I advised leading brands on new business lead generation strategies and helped build campaigns and marking messaging that would deliver measurable return on investment for them. They wanted quick growth and we worked to take them straight to the final phase of the marketing cycle where an appointment was booked and qualified for the sales team. Still to this day this part of the process seems to be the most difficult for businesses to get right. Yet it doesn’t need to be that difficult.

I worked with leading banks, top 5 accountancies, IT companies, advertising and marketing companies, insurance companies – you name it, I worked with them and led their marketing strategies to optimise their marketing conversion rates.

I then moved from agency to client side and have worked in marketing for an IT company for the past 6 years, seeing it develop from a small business, through acquisition and a rebrand, to become a pan-European company with standardised marketing technology that needs to work for everyone.

Finally I own my own coffee business which attends some of the largest UK events and works with big brands on customer acquisition campaigns. It’s an exciting adventure into experiential marketing that takes a engaging experience to the customer enabling relationship building on a low budget.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been in your shoes – trying to understand where best to put your energy and hard earned money to best use in driving business growth. What marketing tools are really worth investing in and what should your expectations of results be?

What are your aspirations?

Ultimately every business owner has a different goal when it comes to their turnover and growth aspirations. Without knowing your business’s growth strategy, offering, target market and financials, it’s difficult to suggest what you should invest in when it comes to new marketing technologies. What I can do though is help you discover and decide on what tools are available and what you could be using to aid your growth, helping you to make decisions faster which will ultimately help you reach your goals quicker.

Throughout my site, you’ll be able to explore marketing technologies that will help you on your growth path. My objective is to introduce you to the best technologies on the market and give real insight into the positives and negatives that I find with marketing tools, digging below the surface of the marketing “hype” to help you evaluate the benefit to your business. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss things further, or want me to cover specific topics, I’d love to help.

Buying through my links

I don’t want to put any pressure on you to buy any of the technologies I discuss and I’d like you to make your decisions based on what is right for your business. For transparency, it is best to assume that if you do buy through any of the links on my site then I may receive a commission from the technology vendor as part of their affiliate marketing programme. I’d really appreciate you using my links as this is how I am able to invest my time in bringing you the latest resources to keep you ahead of the game.

What’s in the name?

Finally, the reason that I called my business “The Blurb” is because so many articles and blogs make you wade through pages and pages of information. Whilst this is of interest to some, it is often a confirmation of facts that marketers are looking for before the make a purchase. For this reason, my articles are different in that I cut to the chase in the introduction, giving a summary of the findings and then allowing you to read further if you want. This may save some a lot of time.

So, enjoy my site, I hope you find some useful information on there and if you want to keep up with the latest innovations then subscribe to my newsfeed.

The Blurb Founder Beth Baxter

Beth Baxter