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How to Send Personalised LinkedIn Connection Requests with Dux-Soup

LinkedIn automation tools can be really useful for growing your network. Social Media platforms are restricting the organic (i.e. non-paid) reach of your content all the time as the networks are intent to drive more revenue from ads.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter regularly change their algorithms to favour content that has the most interactions. By interactions I mean likes, shares and comments.

So how do we get more interactions?

This is the big question. In order to get your content seen, it needs gain traction. The larger your network, the higher your chance of interactions which will result in your content being pushed up the news feeds of not only your connections, but the connections of those that have liked it. Simple, right?

But building your connections can be time consuming. And this is where LinkedIn Automation Tools like Dux-Soup come in. Dux-Soup is the most established and best loved tool on the market with over 70, 000 users. It’s really affordable and has a strong development arm which keeps up with the changing algorithms of LinkedIn to protect its users against account restriction.

As I explain in the video, I recommend staying within these settings and leaving this part to the expert.

Here I show you how to automation personalised connection requests and grow your network.

In this overview I invite owners of recruitment companies to connect, offering them a piece of content that is relevant to them. After all, social media is all about being kind and considerate – just be sure to remember that.

You can find out more about Dux-Soup at their website – just hit the link below. They have plenty of blogs and run free webinars on how to generate leads so it’s a great resource.

I think their Pro subscription is excellent value for money and unless you want to integrate it with third party systems or create drip campaigns it should do everything you need.